Patricola Conservatory Oboe PT.SC1



Keys silver-plated, double F key (Left hand F), and souble low C key, C to Eb trill, low C to C#and low B to C# trill keys, Ab-Bb trill key, 3rd octave key.

Other model available: PT.SC 2  ( Full-automatic system)


  • High quality raw materials.
  • Fine intonation and different colors of sounds allow you to explore new frontier.
  • Homogeneity of all the notes on each instrument.
  • The execution of the notes is simple: this means that the “performance” of the musician can focus only on musicality and expression.
  • Very easy to play like an instrument that you play and know for some time, the ergonomics of the mechanics will give you a sense of comfort and unparalleled quietness.
  • Pads in cork of high quality for a perfect closure,  we use Portuguese cork.
  • The mechanic is coated with a thick layer of solid silver for a longer life.
  • Body in wood, seasoned naturally for few years.
  • Reduced possibility of fissures or cracks in the wood.